Identifying Value & Opportunity

Corvus Capital, along with its own capital, has the backing of a number of international funding partners. Our considered approach over the last decade has created over $800 million of value for investors across a number of investments, either directly or via special purpose investment vehicles.


MyCloudtag App

MyCloudtag App has launched in the Apple App Store & Google Play store!

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Andrew Regan Transantarctic Expedition

Andrew Regan lead a 10 man team on the first ever there-and-back crossing of the Antarctica.

CloudTag Logo

Corvus Capital – CloudTag Inc.

CloudTag is a London Listed Company focused on the Fitness and Wellbeing Market.

Sirius Petroleum Corvus Capital

Corvus Capital – Sirius Petroleum Plc

Sirius Petroleum is an Oil & Gas Company listed on London's AIM.